Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life in a Networked World

     Physicist Brian Cox believes that 'everything is connected,' and I am inclined to believe him.  Now, while he is talking about particle physics, I am talking about computers but the idea is the same.  When I wake up in the morning, I look at my smartphone to see the local weather forecast for the day and to check my email.  I then turn on my television and watch the news while I make my breakfast.  While driving to the gym, I stop at a red light (that was likely controlled by a remote terminal) and look up at the red light camera that sits on the corner (also networked). Once I get to the gym, I scan my card, whose serial number is checked against their network database of members.  While working out I stream music on Pandora (gotta love unlimited data!)  While headed home, I decide that I want to grab some lunch.  I stop in to pick up a sandwich and realize I don't have any cash so I decide to use my NFC enabled phone to pay.  The NFC chip communicates with their networked terminal which then processes the charge through their remote management facility.  I head out and decide to grab some cash on my way home.  I walk up to the ATM, and after imputing my information; await the response (and cash) from my bank.  While at home, I shower sit down to eat while streaming some Hulu Plus to my networked television.  Once my show is over, I jump onto my computer to do some homework but just end up watching 2 hours worth of Youtube and Engadget.  Whether it be the internet or a LAN, it seems that almost everything we use today is networked in some way.  The rapid availability of data and communication makes connectivity a must in today's fast paced society.  To be honest though, I kinda missed the days when you could just fall off the radar.  

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